Stonefield sheep are sheared 1-2 times per year. Most of the white wool goes to wool auction.

Some colored wool is spun into yarn at the Tapetas de Lana wool mill in Mora, New Mexico. We offer a light tan, medium brown and dark brown single ply 750 ypp blend of 60% Navajo-Churro, 20% alpaca and 20% Dorset. The yarn is suitable for weaving, knitting, crochet or crafts.


Hides from lambs harvested are tanned. Our hides are unique because they have long wool and many colors compared to commercially available white, short wool hides. The hides are tanned to be washable in cold water. The hides have been used for child and invalid bed pads, motorcycle seat covers and lap rugs.


Fleeces from our Navajo-Churro pure bred and crosses are desired by hand spinners to make yarn for weaving. We save select fleeces in colors ranging from oatmeal to dark brown and gray to black. Some fleeces are multicolored


Pat Melendrez and the 4-minute sheep shear

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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