The Flock

The flock hovers at 20 ewes and 5 rams. About 1/3 of the flock is Navajo-Churro which breeds aseasonally, often twins and bears long wool in varied colors and patterns. The remainder of the flock is mixed meat breeds. Our flock increases every year through purchases and retained ewe lambs but decreases through some culls and losses. The animals feed on grass, grass hay and vegetable protein supplements, if needed. They receive sheep mineral and Covexin8 vaccinations.


We breed for two lamb crops per year. One in fall and one in late winter. The late winter lambs provide club lambs for 4-H, locker lambs and retained ewes. The fall lambs increase the ewe pool and provide locker lambs. Lambing twice yearly improves efficiency in barn use and breeding. Single lambs are well able to follow their mothers within three days of birth. Loud bleating works when scent fails. Lambing times are constrained by temperature extremes and coyote pup feeding season.


The flock is guarded by Great Pyrenees. They were raised with the flock, have very little interest in humans and are difficult to round up for trips to the veterinarian.

Churro and cross-bred lambs with Churro eves

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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