Stonefield sells started pullets as requested or as available on site. These are usually dual-purpose, hardy, proficient laying breeds. The pullets available for sale may be Delaware, Welsummer,  Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Wyandottes or Marans, for instance.

Special requests require a minimum 8-week lead time. Rarer breeds have narrow windows of availability. Chicks require three weeks to hatch (from available eggs) and need another 4-5 weeks at brooder temperatures to complete their feathering.  After that they need shelter from wind, rain and predators.

We do have Hobson’s Choice of various pullets, hens and roosters remaindered from our breeding project.  Our winter temperatures can drop to -20 degrees F. so we choose breeds that can withstand frigid weather with unheated housing.

We began offering started pullets because:

  • some lack the time or facility for brooding
  • some want fewer than the 25 hatchery minimum
  • partial orders allow us to sample new breeds
  • some cannot accommodate a single rooster (a very few slip through)

Geese are sometimes for sale as livestock or holiday fare. We have Pilgrim, Cotton Patch, Tufted Roman geese and their offspring.   These average-sized breeds are tolerant except during breeding season when they will hiss at anyone close to the nests. (The goslings are very cute.)


Light Sussex Rooster

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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