Stonefield sells whole or half lamb cut and wrapped to your specification by a local processing facility or the Mobile Matanza.

Naturally Raised Stonefield Lamb

Stonefield lamb is grown for flavor and tenderness without hormones or antibiotics. We often cross British meat sheep with the Navajo-Churro to produce an animal of medium size that is well-adapted to the local area. We have evaluated our product and confirmed this breeding strategy through a lamb taste testing at a local restaurant. We focus on raising the lamb naturally in harmony with the lamb’s natural cycles.

Low Stress

Stonefield lamb is raised and processed in a low stress environment to minimize hormones that can adversely affect the flavor.

The lambs are weaned when they are 8-10 weeks old. The sheep and lambs are on pasture rather than cooped up in a feedlot. Stonefield sheep are on pasture for much of the year. In the winter we feed grass hay and a minimal protein rich alfalfa-based supplement to increase calorie intake. Sheep have evolved to eat grass not grain. The animals are never packed with grain as in feedlot finishing.

Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Stonefield sheep are hormone and antibiotic free for consumer health reasons. Feedlot finished lambs generally receive hormones and antibiotics to increase growth rate and prevent disease from killing large numbers of lambs. Antibiotic use is highly controversial as this could contribute to development of antibiotic resistant bacteria that are passed on to the consumer. Hormones in the meat may also be passed on to the consumer.

Prime Harvest

Stonefield lambs are harvested at around 7 months when they weigh around 110 pounds. This is the optimal time for the cross breds we have developed. The Navajo-Churro is a slower growing animal that has been named to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Ark of Taste.


Stonefield lamb is harvested in the late Fall and is typically available in November and early December of the year. Orders for whole or half lamb are taken throughout the year but must be received by early October for current year delivery. The lamb will be cut and wrapped to your order and delivered to you. The lamb will be processed at our local plant or by the Taos Mobile Matanza which processes the lamb on the farm. Contact us for more information.

The Mobil Matanza onsite at Stonefield to harvest lamb

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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