We hope to breed an improved winter-laying dual- purpose chicken.

Breeding a frost-resistant pea comb into known winter layers should permit increased winter egg production.

Goals include moderate size (for feed efficiency), a very good laying rate (for dual-purpose breeds), even temperament and cold hardiness.  The Light Brahmas have failed to contribute the pea comb so other breeds will be tried.

To create an extended black Columbian dual-purpose chicken we’re enlisting Lt. Sussex, Delaware, Silver Lakenvelder, Columbian Rock, Wheaten Marans and New Hampshire breeds.

This is an amateur project requiring time and study.

Chicken genetics is complex.  Some crosses will produce more unwanted offspring than useful ones.  Other crosses will inhibit preferred traits.  Some dominant traits, such as Mahogany, require as many as three generations to eliminate.


Susan with  Blue Marans x Welsummer bred at Stonefield

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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