About Us

While living in New Orleans Susan Ammerman tired of listening to power lawn equipment and decided to raise easy care sheep as a quieter alternative.

She and her husband Bart moved to northern New Mexico in 1999 to begin the project. The project evolved into raising tasty resilient lamb for the local market and preserving the Navajo-Churro breed. Susan has now developed a passion for developing improved winter laying chickens.

Ammerman is a Houston, TX native who is a journalism graduate of the University of Houston. She studies chicken genetics, tends creatures, strings beads, and crochets.

Bart Ellison worked in 30 years in research and oil production for Shell Oil Company.  He has a passion for photography.

Ellison, a San Diego native, is a University of California, Berkeley, graduate with a PhD in engineering. He also wrangles sheep, looks after the farm infrastructure and maintains the web site.

Susan with New Mexico State Champion Lt Brahma chicken

Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

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