Naturally raised lamb and resilient sheep from the Highlands of Northern New Mexico

We began raising sheep in 2001. First we purchased land north of Las Vegas, New Mexico, and installed a barn, fencing and a watering system.

Later we added sheep shelters, a sheep sorting system and Great Pyrenees guardian dogs.

Livestock guardian dogs are excellent defenders against wild predators and neighbors’ dogs. Some dog breeds can kill more sheep in one night than a mountain lion would.

As we added poultry we built a chicken palace, a hoop house and a goose shelter.   The chickens are kept for breeding stock and hatching eggs, though we can fill flexible requests for some older birds.

The geese are fun to watch and are more compatible with chickens than turkeys.   We hope to succeed in hatching our own goslings soon.


Rams at work -- keeping healthy until needed for breeding

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